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Public Safety and
Smart Cities.

Fast Paced Technological Change is One of Many Significant Challenges facing Policing and Public Safety.

Becoming Safer and Smarter with Condorgreen.

A Smart City is one where Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Human Intelligence, processes and data are utilised to ensure a professionally run city with high levels of efficiency, quality public service and improved citizen wellbeing.

​Active Public Safety is key in ensuring that a city, area or country is liveable for its residents.

Public Safety encompasses the full continuum of​ Prevention, Preparation, Response, Recovery. The journey to becoming a Smarter and Safer City requires an integrated approach between multiple role-players including citizens, the government, and the private sector.

​Technological advancements and adoption in areas like policing and the emergency services will produce huge amounts of Data that will vastly improve all aspects of public safety, if harnessed effectively. Wearables like Body Cameras are increasingly becoming the norm, generating enormous volumes of Data for Analytics and Data Mining.

Condorgreen envisages a future where technology enables broader co-operation and inter-connectedness between government departments and non-profit organizations to create a holistic view of many of the challenges facing our communities and society in general. Contextually relevant solutions are key to ensuring these challenges are addressed.

Condorgreen will help you realise these solutions. We have invested in developing a Public Safety and Smarter Cities team. The team’s experience traverses Emergency Response Services, from NPO Emergency Medical Services to body worn camera implementations and specialized communications solutions and devices.

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