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H3C offers multiple switches with SDN enabled, security integrated from the core to access the present and future.

  • H3C S12500 Series Data Center Switches
  • H3C S10500X Series Next Generation Multiservice Core Switch
  • H3C S6520X-HI Series Advanced Aggregation 10GE Switches


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H3C has become one of the most comprehensive and perfect solutions in the field of global routers.

  • H3C CR19000 Cluster Routers Series
  • H3C CR16000 MAN Core Router Series
  • H3C SR6600 Headquarter Distributed Router Series


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H3C leads wireless network into Wi-Fi 6 and intelligent O&M era.

  • H3C WA6622 Internal Antennas 6 Streams Dual Radio 802.11ax/ac/n Access Point
  • H3C WA6638 Internal Antennas 12 Streams Triple Radio 802.11ax/ac/n Access Point
  • H3C WA6628 Internal Antennas 12 Streams Dual Radio 802.11ax/ac/n Access Point


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