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We Support Highly Secure AP Solutions based on SOAP and REST Protocols,

Build and troubleshoot API Gateway Policies to enforce security and routing policies, mediate and orchestrate requests between companies internal and external API consumers.

The technologies that our Integration/ API gateway team specialises in are;
Apache Kafka
API gateways: Layer 7 API Gateway (Broadcom), Google APIgee, AWS API gateway
Custom APIs, Jira, Qlik, Okta

This is Some of The Work That the Team Does;

Certificate management: validating certificates, sending out
certificate expiry notification

Metrics: Collecting, aggregating, displaying metrics info.

Load testing services via Locust.

Validating OAuth access.

Check endpoints to confirm security is enabled.

Audit portal information by aggregating user, api,
and organization information

Verify template usage across APIs.

Created API Management team web interface for extended functions,
metrics, and other tools to assist in day to day tasks.

Implementing a service that checks object dependencies across
an entire environment

API Gateway – Services

CA API Gateway or Layer7 are the API Gateway technologies that we specialize in.

We offer the following services listed below;
  • Consulting
  • Architecture and Design
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Optimisation
  • Performance Tuning
  • Incident Management
  • Gateway admin, maintenance and support
  • Cloning, Migrations and Upgrades
  • Gateway services, policies
  • gateway REST, WS and SNMP
  • gateway auditing and logging
  • gateway service resolution

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